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Long time ago 

Kill Bill: Vol. 1

cutethroat asked - "i got your note"

she sang


The actual smell of rain comes from plants. When plants are in drought they produce oils in replacement for waters. When the time comes and it finally starts raining the plants get their needed water and they release these oils in the air and the smell of that oil is what we call smell of rain

Nope nope. You’re smelling some of that sweet, sweet ozone, homie. That shit is week enough to be brought down with like water and shit. Also old copier machines smell like that because the light provided enough energy for the production of O3, son. Those oils you got on the brain are too weak to smell if you snorted them. Learn.

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Brand New - Jesus Christ (x)

J’accuse, 1919.  Dir. Abel Gance.

Quand on me dit de rentrer dans mon pays qu’est même pas à moi